November 03, 2010

A lovely Rose will always bloom, And be the reason for thousand smiles.

The Human Face is the most EXPRESSIVE in the world.

In body language,the face is second only to the eyes in the amount of information revealed about a person.The first thing we look at when approaching a person is their face.Even at a distance it tells us how the person feels about us approaching him or her.As we close the distance to speak,we watch their face to see how they feel towards us.Their facial expressions are most honest,honest about how they are feeling and their relationship with us than are their words.

One of the main real indicator for a real smile of JOY is that they usually have wrinkles in the corners of the eyes. 

October 04, 2010

OLd PhOtOgRaPh. . .

bring back sweet memories.

October 03, 2010

wE dOn'T diE , wE KiLL oUrSeLvEs .

Our Foods are Killing Us!

September 16, 2010

Unsinkable ship -FRIENDSHIP !

Fifteen years ago there was a woman in her 20's who was very much in love,but left her beautiful hometown for a greener pasture in a foreign land.Being alone is not easy especially for women. However , she survived the loneliness for she cling to the thought of giving her family a better life.Even if her first love did not work,she still continued to believe that God was always on her side. Because of that belief,God showered her with so much blessings,good memories especially when her two sons and a beautiful baby girl was born . I never thought that in my life here ,I will meet this woman.The trust,love and confidence she gave on our friendship brought so much joy , for me to thank God for the gift of friendship

Kristina " Teena" Maaliw , Octaviano

" YeS , my heart belongs to you ."

When one gives a gift , it is said , a part of the giver goes with it. Gift giving becomes eloquent, deeply meaningful, when it comes from the heart. When you receive a brightly wrapped gift, you can almost hear someone sing, " YeS, my heart belongs to you ."

September 15, 2010

Chicken Spaghetti !

If you could make a young child smile over a plate of chicken and spaghetti, even just for an hour or two, you know that by doing so you give them hope.

The Majestic Maria Cristina Falls

I am one of the thousand Pinoy who actually have seen and experienced the Beauty of Maria Cristina Falls.. Ever since it was my wish to visit Maria Cristina falls one day since I was curious how would it look like in the real world. . All the information I have then were from textbooks, features in televisions and magazines. I am so fortunate that I was able to visit the place .Thank God I traveled safe.

The Legend :

"Maria Cristina Falls is a waterfall in Mindanao Island (Lanao del Norte) and a landmark of Iligan City, also known as the City of Majestic Waterfalls. It is located 8.5 kilometers away southwest of the city proper. Well-known for its natural beauty and grandeur, the 320 feet high waterfalls is also the primary source of power for the city's industries and the whole Mindanao region.

Most people believed that the falls origin came from the two beautiful sisters named Maria (the younger) and Cristina (the elder) who love each other very much to the extent that Maria gave everything she have to Cristina. They also loved their neighbor as they loved themselves. They are both good-looking and attractive maidens, and many Datus & Sultans came to ask for their hands in marriage, but the sisters refused.However, there was an unhappy son of a famous Sultan living somewhere nearby Lake Lanao .He couldn’t find the girl that he really loved. He traveled around the lake until he saw the two maidens of the falls. He fell in love with the Maria and Cristina but the two sisters did not know whom he really loved. Days have passed and Maria realized that she loved the son of the sultan very much, which made her very sad and she went to the top of the falls and jumped. When Cristina her sister, found out that Maria was dead, she likewise went to the top of the falls and tossed herself down the deep ravine.When the handsome young man discovered what happened and found the dead bodies, he buried them carefully under the falls and never married until he also died. He named the falls, Maria Cristina, after the two sisters he loved.

August 16, 2010

My GlAsS oF wAtEr !

If It Is To Be, It Is Up To Me.

January 20, 2010

MiiLeS aNd DaYs PaSs Us By

It is I who look to God for you,
Your tender thoughts you put to me.
The heart you share with mine.
Miles and days pass us by…

It is God that longs to see us
Passing a kind word and his love.
To be a part of each others lives.
Miles and days pass us by…