April 02, 2009

To ReTaLiAtE iS tO tAkE rEvEnGe. (Seventeen people were killed when communist rebels attacked a military outpost in the southern Philippines )

When people are hurt by violence, they tend to retaliate with violence.

There are at least three reasons why people retaliate.

  1. An attack is likely to be perceived as wrong doing by the target and thus creates a grievance.
  2. By retaliating , the target of an attack deters his or her tormentors and others from future attacks.
  3. An initial attacks cast the targets into a negative identity by making the target appear weak and ineffectual.

Research teaches us that our reasons and our pains are more palpable, more obvious and real, than are the reasons and pains of others. This leads to the escalation of mutual harm, to the illusion that others are solely responsible for it and to the belief that our actions are justifiable responses to theirs.

Last March 31, 2009, New People's Army guerrillas in two trucks assaulted the army patrol base outside Malaybalay city in Bukidnon province.The attack came two days after the rebels marked the 40th anniversary of their Maoist insurgency.

Major Michelle Anayron spokesman of 4th ID,Philippine Army based in Cagayan de Oro City said, 17 were killed in action during the encounter, 11 of these are NPA, four Cafgus, and two civilians, while three other Cafgus were also wounded and reportedly taken to Bethel Hospital in Malaybalay City.

It was the biggest number of casualties suffered by the rebels in the northern region on the main southern Philippine island of Mindanao in recent months.

It is to be recalled, that two NPA camps in Gingoog City was successfully seized by the military just last March 26. Maj. Anayron said,the attack may have come in retaliation for the army's capture of two NPA camps where the rebels were supposed to hold a plenum in connection with their 40th anniversary. Gingoog City is part of Misamis Oriental province but is near to Butuan City which is only 79 kilometers away than to Cagayan de Oro City which is 150 kilometers.

Is War or the Use of Force Ever Justified ?

The code, lex talionis, 'an eye for an eye' a tooth for a tooth', reduces human beings to mere savages fighting for survival. It becomes the battle of the greatest and the fittest.

One claims that any war is justified if you are in the right; the problem is that everyone thinks that they are in the right. To repay injury with another injury is to continue the spiral of violence. The best response is not to retaliate , but to hold back and accept that reconciliation comes only through forgiveness. The choice is yours. The choice is either to take matters in your own hands or to be an agent of the Kingdom of God. You can assert your rights, or you can reach out to others. You can retaliate, or you can show compassion. This is the spirituality of non-resistance, of non-violence.

How wonderful the world would be if we all learn to :

  • love without conditions
  • talk without bad intention
  • give without reason and
  • care for people without expectations

April 01, 2009

Pinangat ! Hmmm "GuLay na NaTonG" PriDe of BiCoL.

Since I'm a Bicolana I love Pinangat . Pinangat is one of all time favorite Bicol native dish. We are famous for being chili ( sili ) lovers. Almost Bicolano foods are hot and spicy.