February 25, 2009

I sTaNd 0n mY 0wn Tw0 feeT, buT I d0 n0t sTaNd alonE .

Living on purpose requires us to find what we love fiercely, give it all we’ve got, and then pass it on, as if it were a torch, to those who follow. When I think of my father, even today, I remember his thoughts that when a person dies, he or she has the opportunity to bequeath a legacy of love. When I became a teacher. I felt the fire my father had sparked in me reignite as if blown by a gentle wind . "If children are to keep alive their inborn sense of wonder, they need the companionship of at least one adult who can share it, discovering with them the joy, the excitement and mystery of the world we live in. Every haiku has to have a gasp where God can enter. Every life, I think, has to have a gasp where God can enter. And every such gasp is a finger pointing at what you‚ve spent your whole life loving.

My mind is colored with reminders not to get tired because I grow stronger in the act of loving something. It sustains me. It generates energy. If I am depleted or feel as if I’ve failed, ultimately it is because I have not been living in service to what I love.