March 14, 2009

This is dedicated to the most beautiful beings that inhabit the earth. DoLpHiNs !

Here are some of the pictures and video I shot when my son and I watched the amazing dolphin show.It was an amazing experience, and I hope to do it again someday!

"The dolphins teach us to honor the place in ourselves where the entire universe dwells. When we honor that in each other, we are one."

Dolphins are social animals, full of simple joy and inspiration. They are the most intelligent sea animals. The quality of dolphins is the quality of water,of emotional flow, of communication in different levels, of spontaneity, of telephatic communication.

The dolphins want us to help lift the energy on the planet. They want to show us the level of love and the level community that is possible. What is becoming obvious is that dolphins are unlike our pets. They have more intelligence than humans, they have a wider range of abilities, and they are curious about us and our development. Unfortunately they haven't created weapons or communication devices, so they are generally at the mercy of the human population.

Dolphins are one of the most beautiful animals on the ocean. They are great teachers, teaching us to regain our playfulness and joy. Smaller than whales, swimming together with fishes, or near the corals - they have a presense of their own. Looking at dolphin art has great energetic qualities.

For thousands of years, dolphins have captured the hearts of humans. And everyone has heard at least one story about how a dolphin rescued a drowning man or a child lost at sea. In recent years, however, this connection has become even stronger. More and more people want to swim with dolphins. Now more than ever, humans are being drawn to this cetacean species for communication, healing, and guidance.

Dolphins are certainly an enigma, and they are intelligent and self-aware. Can it be that the life we have always searched for in outer space has been cohabiting with us all along, enjoying seventy percent of the earth's surface? Can it be that dolphins will help bridge the gap between us and all other sentient life on the planet? Perhaps. They certainly deserve our respect and admiration!